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Platform leg decommissioning completed in 7 months

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Leading offshore asset owner


Middle East



Service details

Our decommissioning services reflect the priorities and objectives of the modern-day industry. Our products are designed and manufactured to cut a wide range of materials and structures and are ideally suited for underwater deployment by either ROV or diver operations.
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Summary of the Project

Unique Group’s On-Site Engineering division performed decommissioning of several assets on the offshore platforms of a leading asset owner using diamond wire cutting method in the Middle East.

The Central Production Platform (CPP) The Central Production Platform (CPP)

Client Requirement

Our client approached Unique Group to perform decommissioning and maintenance of several assets on their offshore platforms. We were asked to perform decommissioning of 36 mono pod, tripod, production platform and flare tower Legs as well as hot tapping on annulus in well head at the platform.

Mono pod freestanding

Monopod freestanding prior to decommissioning 

Challenges faced

We faced challenges pertaining to the timeline and operational accessibility of the project as,

  • The project needed to be executed within a minimum period of 7 months
  • Some platforms and towers needed to be decommissioned using the diamond wire cutting saw and there was very less clearance gap available for all the platform legs to mount the equipment.

View of the Central Production Platform (CPP)

View of the Central Production Platform (CPP)

Unique Solution Delivered

After evaluation of the project details, we decided to utilise a 50” diamond wire cutting saw connected on deck via umbilical bundle to perform the decommissioning. As the cuts needed for the platform legs were deep sea, the equipment had to be modified to suit the clearance gap.

We decided on using the diamond wire cutting method because it is compact, portable and convenient to maneuver and position as required.

Following the successful completion of our initial contract, the client included additional scope extending the project for a longer period. The client was satisfied with our execution of the project smoothly.

Flare Tower supporting jacket

Flare Tower supporting jacket

Benefits delivered

  • Completed within the specified timeframe.
  • Executed in a safe and eco-friendly method.
  • Customised equipment to suit client site conditions