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Case Studies

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Seaflex MBUs assist in HDPE Pipeline installation amidst COVID-19 restrictions.

Client Public services infrastructure company
Location UAE
Year 2020
Service Details

Unique Group's Seaflex Mono Buoyancy Units (MBUs) deliver industry-leading efficiency in applications such as the laying of steel or HDPE pipelines. Our buoyancy bags are widely used across the marine, industrial, and engineering sectors.

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Summary of the Project

Our Buoyancy & Ballast division in the Middle East helped the client load out HDPE pipes with cement collar and accurately placed the pipes on the seabed in a controlled manner.

Client Requirement

The client requested to lay HDPE pipelines with an overall length of 1200m intake and 1600 outfall on the seabed. The seabed is composed of silt, gravel sand, and sandstones.

Mono Buoyancy Units being prepared for the installation

Challenges Faced

  • The pipeline had concrete sinkers weighing 11.6 tons, manholes every 100 meters, and no piggyback. Due to the manhole, the maximum rotation radius was greatly reduced. The flexible pipe had to be installed floated from the shore towards the sea.
  • Unique Group was also requested to provide the buoyancy bags and the technical support within a short span of time. Amidst the COVID situation and seasonal holidays, we were able to meet the client's requirements.

Unique Solution Delivered

Unique Group provided Seaflex branded MBUs and experienced personnel to help the client load out the HDPE pipes. Using the buoyancy bags and our in-house winches, the client was able to  to lay the pipelines with at least 50% of the pipes visible above the waterline as we were able to reduce the submerged weight of pipeline. We also deployed our Unique Group engineers to train the client’s team on the safety practices to secure the buoyancy of the pipes and the removal and retrieval process if required.

Benefits Delivered

  • Top quality, accelerated project completion.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Installation was carried out in a very safe and controlled environment despite pandemic restrictions.
  • Cost-savings for the client as Seaflex Mono Buoyancy Units are easy and economical to pack, transport and stow until required.
  • Safest, effective, and most flexible HDPE pipeline installation buoyancy solution for the client.

HDPE Pipelines ready for installation

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