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Unique Maritime Group Begins 2013 by Expanding in a New Business Segment

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Unique System FZE, a Unique Maritime Group company, which is one of the world’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution providers, announces its new division- On Site Machine Rental in the UAE.

Unique System FZE has invested in an extensive inventory of all the latest designs of equipment and tooling, assuring faster responses and quick delivery of equipment to the job site.

“Our ever expanding product line included a whole range of portable machines like Split Frame Clamshells, Flange Facing Machines, Boring Bards, Milling Machines, Hot Tapping Equipment, End Prepping Tools and many more” said Ian Huggins, General Manager of Unique System FZE. “We strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations with the finest equipment in the business. We offer the best and timely solutions for any onsite machining requirements with our Rentals or Sales or Technical Support team. Our Team provides professional, environment friendly and economical solutions for all kinds of machining problems” he added.

We will also provide a 24/7 support service to manage our customer requirements as every customer is vital at UMG.

The international presence of the group combined with its global expertise, gives UMG the edge to provide tailor made and innovative solutions for its customers. The nature of UMG’s engineers, their creative capabilities, along with the financial stability of the group, allow the company to fulfill its clients’ requirements, while having the willingness to take risks in challenging projects and provide bespoke solutions based on their requirements.

“UMG has built up a solid reputation for quality, innovation, service and speed of customer service, and we are continuously striving to improve product and services enhancement via organic growth and strategic acquisitions, and physical expansion” said Harry Gandhi, CEO of Unique Maritime Group. “This also falls under our Group Corporate Strategy” he added.

The Group’s operations are spread across 8 global regions in the Middle East, USA, UK, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Russia and Singapore, all well positioned to manage all project requirements and a fast growing international customer base.

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