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Unique Secures the Lease Purchase of the Hydra 09 Saturation Dive System to DCN Diving

Unique System FZE, a Unique Maritime Group Company which is one of the worlds’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution providers announced today a new project with DCN. It has been awarded the contract to supply the Hydra 09 saturation diving system.

Hydra 09 is an ABS Classed 9 Man Saturation System complete with HRC, is built by Unique Hydra in South Africa. The contract provides DCN over a period of time, with a cost effective way of securing ownership of this dive system. The first deployment will be in Spain and Unique will also assist in the mobilization of the system onto the dive platform for DCN.

Ian Huggins, General Manager of Unique System FZE said “It was an extremely positive environment working with theDCN team. Unique was able to provide a financial solution to them that allowed them to secure this system. This showcases the strength in depth that Unique has with regards to our financial position. The system was in the US at our facility in New Iberia, L.A. and with a very close deadline, it had to be approved by DCN and loaded on the vessel too. Both the teams did some very good work and the sailing date was achieved. However, as a premier equipment supplier our responsibility does not end there, we will be assisting DCN in making sure the system is mobilized and fit for operation, so they can go on to provide value to their end client in their operations, we wish them good luck and great success”.

Jan Weick of DCN Diving Commented, “We are very happy with the products and services provided by Unique Maritime Group and look forward to working with them on future projects too”.

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