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Unique System FZE Supports Significant Hydrographic Project for Bayanat

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A division of Unique Maritime Group (UMG) which is one of the world’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution providers, Unique System FZE has recently supported a significant hydrographic project that included the installation of Kongsberg’s EM 2040 multibeam echo sounder units for “Bayanat for Mapping & Surveying Services (Bayanat)” in 2 different vessels at Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Bayanat is a wholly-owned Mubadala company that was born from the commercialization of the UAE Armed Forces Military Survey Department (MSD). Bayanat’s focus is to provide both a strategic capability for the UAE and to support our clients in both the government and commercial sectors with high quality national level geospatial products and services.

The project involved the installation and commissioning of the full systems on board 2 identical vessels having approximately 12 m by 3.5 m dimensions with powerful engines suitable for maneuvering and keeping straight survey lines. The auxiliary sensors, such as the motion sensor, gyro, GPS unit, etc., fixed on board the vessels helped facilitate the additional information required to carry out the surveys at different project sites.

The stability of the multibeam system and frequency choices (200 to 400 kHz) makes the unit perfect for working in this region. The pitch, roll, and yaw stabilization options available with Kongsberg multibeam systems makes the data more reliable and acceptable. The physical and angular dimensions of the vessel and equipment were measured by a highly experienced land survey team using their sophisticated equipment while the system was dry docked, and reports were generated. The vessel draft was measured to be approximately 0.7 m below the waterline, which also helped the system to work in extremely shallow waters.

Commissioning of the vessels was carried out at Esnad Port in Abu Dhabi jointly by Unique and Kongsberg in the presence of the engineering and survey team of Bayanat. The Harbor Acceptance Tests (HATs) and Sea Acceptance Tests (SATs) were carried out at the site, and results were tabulated and verified by the team along with the data processing team at Bayanat. The system was found to be working satisfactorily. As a part of the HAT/SAT system, calibration was also done in order to ensure system performance. 

On this occasion, Ian Huggins, General Manager @ Unique System FZE commented, “We are pleased with the completion of this hydrographic project that involved the installation of EM2040 multibeam echosounders aboard 2 vessels for one of our important client, Bayanat. The capabilities of our engineering team backed by the availability of modern hydrographic survey equipment in our inventory has helped us to finish various stages of the project ranging from the installation of survey equipments to the commissioning of the vessels. We look forward to our continued association with Bayanat and providing our valuable technical assistance in their future projects as well.”

Majd N. Nabulsi, Business Development Manager @ Bayanat for Mapping & Surveying Services LLC further added, “We are pleased to have completed the project with the help of our client Unique System FZE, known for its superior technical expertise and world-class range of survey products. Bearing in mind the quality factor that is of utmost importance to Bayanat, a detailed calibration and verification was carried out by the engineering team at Unique in order to ensure system performance. The quality of the echo sounders used onboard the vessels and the results seemed to be within IHO Special standards. We are proud of our association with Unique and look forward to contacting them for such technical projects in the future as well.”

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