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Unique Wellube’s Valve Testing System “Uni-Test” Certified by Bureau Veritas

Unique Wellube FZC, a Unique Maritime Group company, which is one of the world’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution providers, is proud to have its “Uni-Test Safety & Relief Valve Testing System” certified by Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s leading independent Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) bodies.

The primary device used to prevent over-pressurization in any onshore or offshore installation is the Pressure Safety Valves (PSV). The primary function of a PSV is therefore to protect life and property and it is paramount to ensure that the PSV will operate as designed.

The Uni-Test system is used to verify the set pressures of the PSV and also to ensure that it lifts when required, thus, eliminating the need to remove the valves from the system. Uni-Test can be used for testing when the plant is operational or during shut down.

Bureau Veritas inspected the results of the set pressures of the PSV as obtained from the Uni-Test system and cross-verified the results. The certification was issued as the results generated by the system were found to be within ±1% of the valve’s actual set pressure. The industry standards for similar tests are within 2 – 3% of actual set pressures.

Some of the advantages of the Uni-Test system are:
• Ensuring PSVs are operational and are set to the correct set pressure.
• Non-operational PSVs can be identified prior to shutdown and thus reduce plant downtime.
• Calibration of PSV in real working conditions.
• Greater level of accuracy that test bench [executed at ambient temperatures].
• Possibility of extending the period of maintenance of the PSV
• Time of field calibration drastically reduced

Commenting on this certification, Sahil Gandhi, Managing Director @ Unique Wellube FZC stated, “It is an achievement to get an attestation for our Uni-Test system used for the testing of PSV. Uni-Test is undoubtedly one of the best available systems for testing of PSVs and a certification from an accredited body like Bureau Veritas further augments its usage in tests of varying complexities. We now look forward to achieving similar attestation for the system’s accuracy and use from other leading Independent TIC bodies in the near future.”

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