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Aanderaa: Recording Doppler Current Meter (RDCP) 600

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The Aanderaa Recording Doppler Current 6000 is a medium range, 600kHz self recording doppler current profiler. Being a Doppler shift instrument, the RDCP 600 is insensitive to fouling and highly reliable.


Several profiles simultaneously, the instrument can be configured to deal with several profiles simultaneously for optimal flexibility

Advanced vector based tilt compensation with beam adjustment

Embedded, Windows CE based, configuration tools

Data storage capacity standard MMC card stores 512MB

300m depth capability


Current profiler acoustic centre frequency: 606 kHz

Number of beams: 4

Processing: ARMA parametric model

Transducer slant angle: 25°

Tilt range: -20° to +20°


Climatic research using in-line mooring installations down to 2000m depth.

Ports and harbours for vessel traffic management and sea condition warning.

Fish farming for monitoring flow conditions, spill transport and water quality.

Pollution control for monitoring flow conditions, sediment transport and water quality.

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