Buckleys: CalChecker Pro’
Buckleys: CalChecker Pro’
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Buckleys: CalChecker Pro’


The CalChecker Pro’ has been specifically designed to verify the accuracy of the electronics inside the BathyCorrometer® Pro’ yet it can be used with older Buckleys and Roxby units too. It is quick and easy to use and provides a benchmark for recalibration without needing to break the water seal.


Precision voltage reference

Simple to use

Cost effective and gives long life

Works with both Buckleys and Roxby BathyCorrometer

Battery powered


Power supply: 3-volt battery

Battery type: Alkaline CR1632

Output voltage: 1.900V DC

Accuracy: +/- 0.1%

Temperature coeff: 30ppm/°C


Recalibration of equipment


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