Cranemaster CM2-150T-4500: Passive Heave Compensator
Cranemaster CM2-150T-4500: Passive Heave Compensator
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Cranemaster CM2-150T-4500: Passive Heave Compensator

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Unique Group’s offers Cranemaster’s CM2-150T-4500, a passive heave compensation equipment that protects crane, rigs and payload from shock loads, motion and/or excessive forces.It is manufactured in Norway and Germany using high quality materials and components.


Designed and tested for harsh offshore environments

Adjustable spring and dampening characteristics

Self-contained – no external connections of hoses or wire required

Outstanding shock absorption, overload protection and tension control in air/subsea.


Safe Working Load (SWL): 150T.

Stroke length: 4500 mm.

Indicative load range: 4T – 110T.

Weight in air with shackles: 6,320 Kg.

CMAC control system: None.


Shock absorption air/subsea and splash zone crossing.

Overload protection air/subsea.

Pile run protection and tension control air/subsea.

Retrieval, decommissioning air/subsea.

Resonance avoidance and landing speed reduction in subsea.

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