CRP Subsea: Bend Restrictor
CRP Subsea: Bend Restrictor
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CRP Subsea: Bend Restrictor


Unique Group provides bend restrictors from CRP Subsea, which controls the bending of the flexible pipeline, umbilical or cable thus preventing damage from occurring. The system comprises of a number of interlocking elements that form a semi-rigid curved structure, engineered to inhibit bending beyond a designated minimum bending radius (MBR) at a specified design load.


Provides a suitable load path from flexible to fixed structures.

Standardised and bespoke custom design options available.

No maintenance required.

Reduced mass per metre.

Marine grade polymers and corrosion resistance.


Two-piece, polymeric, split design is attached to the pipeline or cable during deployment.

REACH compliant material – Hg (Mercury free).

Ensures protection throughout the design life in excess of 25-30 years.

API 17L certified material.

Multiple handling options available.


Subsea flexible pipelines, umbilicals and cables.

SURF protection at end terminations.

Flexible risers, jumpers, flowlines, PLETs, J-tube entries, wellhead connectors and tether clamps.

Steel tube and thermoplastic umbilicals.

Thermoplastic composite risers and fibre optic cables.

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