CRP Subsea Uraduct®: Cable Protection System
CRP Subsea Uraduct®: Cable Protection System
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CRP Subsea Uraduct®: Cable Protection System


Unique Group offers Uraduct®, a protection system which has been designed and developed to protect fibre optic cables, power cables, umbilicals, flexible flowlines, rigid flowlines,hoses and bundled products from abrasion and impact.


Easy to install and reduces cost of operations significantly.

Wide range of available sizes and short lead times.

Dropped object protection.

Custom Uraduct® designs can be created as required, to protect multiple cable or pipeline configurations.


Made of Polyurethane.

Can be designed to provide impact resistance to reduce the risk of dropped object damage.

Excellent abrasion and impact resistant.


Seabed touchdown locations.

Dropped object zones.

Subsea cable crossings.

Bundled cables and pipelines.

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