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iXblue GAPS MT832: Transponder

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iXblue provides a wide range of medium frequency transponders to operate with RAMSES (medium frequency) and GAPS USBL systems. It includes transponders for shallow water application (export free) to full ocean depth versions, reduced size for small vehicles or full size with long battery life, releasable or expendable, and optional features for easier integration.


Full range of products.

Option available for user configuration.

Releasable or expendable.

Low power consumption with off-the-shelf rechargeable batteries.

Dedicated transponders for all applications


Operating frequency: 20 – 30 kHz

Sound pressure level: 191 ± 4 dB ref. 1μPa @ 1m

Receiver sensitivity: 95 ± 5 dB ref. 1μPa @ 1m

Radiation pattern: Omni-directional

Signal coding: Transponder mode: Chirp – Command: secure RZ 2-state FSK


ROV and AUV tracking

Tow fish tracking

Marine construction

Structure monitoring

Diver tracking

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