Romica: Deep Tow Winch (4000m)
Romica: Deep Tow Winch (4000m)
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Romica: Deep Tow Winch (4000m)

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Unique Group offers the Deep Tow Winch which is an ideal equipment for two-wire digital sidescans with a capacity of 4500m of 11.4mm single coaxial cable. It can be programmed to move the spooling gear precisely for every revolution of the drum.


Sealed Focal slip rings

Electrical soft starts fitted

Local and remote controls

Auto pulse spooling system

Robust construction


Line Pull (From bare barrel): 3600 Kgf

Mean line speed: 90m/min

Nominal drum capacity: 4500 mtrs

Cable Diameter: 11 mm

Core Diameter: 500 mm


Deploy and recover towed equipment

Handle moorings in the deepest waters

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