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Tritech Super SeaKing DFS: Sonar

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The Super SeaKing DFS is not one but two mechanically scanned imaging sonars in a single subsea pressure housing: a 325 kHz sonar with a true operational range of up to 300 metres for long range target acquisition and a 675 kHz sonar for ultra high definition images.


The composite material technology enables greater range capability, better resolution and sidelobe suppression

Direct compatibility with existing transducers in retro-fitting

New longer lasting slip ring assembly facility

Option of RS232 communications for single headed applications

Modular transducer construction elements are replaceable


The operating frequency is 325 and 675 kHz

The optional high frequency is 1 MHz

The maximum range is 300m and the minimum range is 0.4m

The pulse length is 20 – 300 microsec

The available scan modes use various combinations of resolution and speed.


Harbour and port surveillance

Facilitates AUV/ROV obstacle avoidance

Supports target recognition

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