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UG Tcount: Wireless Counting Sheave Block

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Tcount is a reliable and accurate system for measuring the length of cable passing over a snatch-block. Designed to overcome the unreliability of systems using a deck lead, a radio link is used to display the count on a compatible PC, or the optional hand-held receiver.


No cables to get damaged around the snatch-block – therefore less downtime

Count value held in sensors memory (despite interference) Remote reset

Easy ?fit and forget? installation

Any number of users can receive counter ?broadcast?

Up to 4 counters can be addressed and stored using the Windows? software supplied or by users software, e.g. Procomm?, via the serial port


Dimensions: 65 mm X 55 mm

Serial Output: 9600/E/8/1 STOP BIT

Serial Format: A:DDDD[CR] [LF] (A=address), D=0-9999

Serial Data: RS232 host compatible

Power supply: 12VDC 100mA (supplied)


Used by oceanographers, hydrographers and surveyors

Used in conjunction with side scan tow-fish, ROV, CTD Systems

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