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Efficient Offshore Single Drive Winches from Unique Group

Unique Group offers top-quality offshore single drive winches for general duty offshore use. We take pride in having successfully delivered reliable surface diving equipment to thousands of clients over the years. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers is committed to developing world-class diving life support systems that meet global standards of safety and quality. We leverage the best-in-class technologies to design the best winches for diverse operations. 

Under the offshore single drive winches category, the products we offer include UG SD Series: Offshore Man-Rider Winch and UG SD-DNV Series: Offshore Man-Rider Winch. Our man-rider winches come with a single hydraulic drive system, dynamic hydraulic over-centre valve, integral gearbox parking brake, planetary gearbox, and an automatic emergency band brake. The UG SD Series: Offshore Man-Rider Winch is ideal for general duty offshore use. It also finds use in air diving basket systems for main diver recovery. It can even be used for a man-riding basket during onshore operations. The UG SD-DNV Series: Offshore Man-Rider Winch finds application on offshore cranes for diving systems and manned baskets. 

Still, wondering why to choose offshore single drive winches of Unique Group? Go through the benefits listed below.

  • Constructed from High-Quality Materials: The winches are made up of superior-grade steel. They are painted with top-grade primer and a high-gloss top coat.
  • Reliable: The winches have been approved by the classification societies. So, they are reliable to be used for marine operations.
  • Durable: Our winches are designed with the best quality materials and components to ensure extended durability.
  • Affordable: The winches are available at cost-effective prices. They are easily accessible by professional divers. 

At Unique Group, we have a team of dedicated engineers who offer quality support and services to customers. Need more details about our winches? Connect with us today and get all the required information.