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Marine Salvage | Lifeboat Testing Water Weights

Marine Salvage

We are the professionals’ choice for subsea salvage operations – small and large. Our robust and highly durable Seaflex buoyancy bags have been used for salvage operations of sunken or grounded vessels by vessel owners, diving contractors, salvage specialists, navies, and other governmental bodies. Unique Group’s buoyancy products are designed and constructed with unbeatable quality, offering the highest level of compliance in the industry with IMCA and LEEA guidelines.

Pipe Lay Buoyancy Systems

Pipe Lay

We have a long track record in the provision of mono buoyancy units to support HDPE pipeline projects internationally. More than that, our buoyancy bags are commonly used to help lift pipelines from the seabed for repair or retrieval operations.

Underwater Cable Laying Products

Cable Lay

We are proud of the reputation of our SeaSerpent system as the safest, most effective and most flexible cable installation buoyancy solution in the market. It has become established as the system of choice for installations in shallow waters.

Pipeline Shore Landing

Pipeline Shore Landing

Our pipeline buoyancy modules are designed to deliver on your safety and efficiency imperatives in pipeline shore approach jobs – and they’re cost-effective, a cheaper option than the traditional industry alternatives of heavy steel or solid foam systems.

Cable Shore Landing

Cable Shore Landing

Our industry-leading cable shore landing solutions are the safest, most effective and flexible buoyancy systems.

Crane Load Testing

Crane Load Testing

Our range of water-filled proof load bags offers an easy, safe and cost-effective way to load test lifting equipment and load-bearing structures. They facilitate the gradual application of the test load, meaning problems can be identified and addressed before the maximum load is reached.

Lifeboat and Gangway testing

Lifeboat and Gangway Testing

We offer specially designed water-filled proof load bags to test lifeboats and small gangways. Based on the principles of safety, simplicity, flexibility and accuracy, our solutions help to deliver integrity assurance for our customers.

Offshore construction Solutions | Water Weight Bags

Offshore Construction

Our buoyancy modules are used during key phases of jacket installation campaigns offshore. Quick to rig and simple to recover, the deployment of our units is backed up by Unique Group’s project engineering experience and onsite technical support if required.

Marine Renewable Installation

Marine/Renewables Installation

From cable shore landings and the lifting/towing of tidal and wave devices to the tow-out of offshore structures, our buoyancy products provide project-critical support during installation – and deliver assurance for our customers.

Sub Sea Rescue

Sea Rescue

Designed to mitigate the often-catastrophic consequences of capsize during an uncontrolled abandonment, our Centifloat is a rescue device in the water to rescue people in distress.

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