Life Saving At Sea



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Flexible and highly dependable life saving solutions

At Unique Group, our Seaflex product line has developed products and systems specifically to apply a buoyancy bag for life saving work at sea. Unique Group’s Seaflex product line designed Centifloat for all life saving operations at sea.

Seaflex’s Centifloat is designed to mitigate the often-catastrophic consequences of capsizing during an uncontrolled abandonment when the occupants surge towards the side from which they first sight the rescue craft. It also mitigates the risk of a ship’s safety certificate being compromised and could potentially alleviate the requirement for unscheduled port calls/off-charter time.

Why Choose Unique Group’s Seaflex product line?

Fully and Universally Compliant
We deliver your air flotation bags in an enclosed crate and ready for immediate use with universally compliant documentation. Seaflex bags are fully compliant with IMCA D-016 and with ABS PDA. 

Durable & Guaranteed High-Quality
Our inflatable air flotation bags are made from high-performance structural fabric canopy that are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure full compliance.

Seaflex Air Flotation Bags are immensely versatile. The single point attachment is ideal for lightening underwater static structures such as pipes and templates, or for salvaging vessels from the seabed to the surface. They are robust and highly resistant to damage even in the harshest environments. Our larger buoyancy bags can be surface towed with their under-slung load at up to 1.5 knots in moderate sea states.

Extremely Safe
Seaflex air flotation bags have been designed to provide the maximum amount of lift for the least overall height. The design brings with it a wide hem, which aids swifter emptying of the bag on emergency inversion – a notable safety benefit. All our buoyancy bags automatically vent excess air as they ascend dynamically with their load. Their single attachment point helps keep them inherently stable, regardless of load orientation or trim.

Our buoyancy bags are also more efficiently rigged than others, saving shipping weights without compromising on materials, strength, capability or safety. We understand that time is money, especially during diving operations. Seaflex Air Flotation Bags address the reality of subsea work: poor visibility, currents and surge, fatigued operators. 

Discover other buoyancy products
Contact Unique Group’s Seaflex today to discuss our range of cable laying bags. We are sure you will find a solution for your entire subsea salvage operations. However, if you require something more bespoke, our highly skilled team can also provide tailored buoyancy bags to cover any specific requirements our customers may have.