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Diving and Life Support Subsea Solutions
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Saturation Diving Equipment

Saturation Diving Equipment

We’ve a long and proud track record in the manufacture of classed saturation diving systems. We provide custom DSV saturation, portable and HRF saturation systems, while we also supply bell and chamber life support equipment and other key ancillary kit.

Surface Diving Equipment

Surface Diving Equipment

Our industry-leading, IMCA-compliant systems and equipment can be supplied as non-classed or classed. The complete product packages feature containerised chambers, machinery and control rooms with Launch and Recovery systems for air diving baskets, wet-bells and twin basket units.

General Diving Equipment

General Diving Equipment

From personal diving equipment and consumables to dive panels and winches, we’re primed to provide everything you need for your diving operations. And we possess the resources and geographical reach to provide them swiftly, wherever they’re required.

Military + Aviation Diving Equipment | Transportable Life Support Chambers

Military + Aviation

We provide customised, state-of-art intervention and support solutions, including surveillance and detection solutions, rapid response and global capability for emergency responses. Our solutions are used for both commercial and military applications. Our capabilities include search, salvage, ordinance recovery, disabled submarine life extension, escape support and survivor rescue using the below methodologies.

Specialised boats Diving Equipment

Specialised Boats

We’re a proven market leader in the design, construction and maintenance of self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats and specialist offshore vessels. And we complement our service offering with expert inspection, repair and maintenance services.

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