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World-Class Light Diving Boats from Unique Group

Unique Group offers top-notch light diving boats for diverse diving and underwater operations. All our diving life support systems are designed, developed, and carefully tested to ensure the safety and comfort of professional divers. We combine the best quality components with the latest technologies to deliver exceptional surface diving equipment. The core aim is to meet the demands of the customers and ensure optimum satisfaction.

The complete range of light diving boats we provide includes UG HYDRACraft 1400: Diving Daughtercraft, UG HYDRACraft 1500: Diving Daughtercraft, and UG: Fast Diving Support Craft (FDSC). The diving daughtercraft systems come with a V-bottom hull shape to ensure better stability for stationary diving operations. They are ideal for performing diving operations in locations that cannot be accessed by larger DSVs. They can also be used for underwater weld inspections. The fast diving support craft is suitable for being used in close approach situations. It helps in protecting the equipment and divers effectively during diving operations. 

The light diving boats of Unique Group are known to be the best for a reason. Go through the top benefits listed below.

  • Meets Demanding Requirements: The UG HYDRACraft 1500: Diving Daughtercraft is specially designed and developed to meet the requirements of the diving requirements of customers. It also satisfies the specific needs of the government bodies like IMCA.
  • Reliable: The fast diving support craft meets the minimum manning standards of ADCI and IMCA. So, they are reliable and ideal for use in diving operations.
  • Offers Panoramic Views: The UG HYDRACraft 1500: Diving Daughtercraft is designed to provide the operators with an uninterrupted panoramic view. 
  • Affordable: The light diving boats are affordable to ensure easy accessibility by divers.

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