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to enhance deep sea exploration.

Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) | Uni-Pact

Unmanned Surface Vessels

Designed and developed in-house by our technical teams, our Uni-Cat and Uni-Pact USVs are deployed in multiple sectors around the world – and are proven in delivery of the most challenging tasks.

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Survey Equipment Solutions | Boxfish Luna

Survey Equipment

From hydrographic survey solutions and specialist ROV products to inspection, repair and maintenance equipment, we supply and support technologically advanced kit from leading manufacturers worldwide.

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Diving and Life Support | Saturation Diving Equipment

Diving + Life Support

We design, manufacture, and supply a wide range of IMCA compliant and classed (Lloyds Register, ABS, DNV) diving equipment and systems, from diver launch and recovery systems (LARS), decompression chambers to containerised air and mixed gas diving systems: our dedicated manufacturing division delivers industry-leading packages, with support services to match.

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Buoyancy and Water Weights | Crane Load Testing

Buoyancy + Water Weights

Our inflatable buoyancy products and load-testing water weights are designed and manufactured with unbeatable quality (IMCA and LEEA compliant), making your projects safer and more efficient for you.

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Lifting and Mooring

Lifting + Mooring

We provide an extensive range of lifting + mooring products from globally trusted manufacturers. For your projects, we create an integrated package covering equipment rental, service and management solution thus enabling smoother operations and enhanced asset utilisation.

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to globally recognisable standards.

Some Practical Applications of Our Solutions

Gyro USBL for OceanGate’s Titanic Survey
Survey Equipment

Unique Group Provides Gyro USBL to Support OceanGate’s Titanic Survey Mission

Summary of the Project   Unique Group provided OceanGate, Inc. with a Sonardyne Gyro USBL for positioning their Titan submersible. This crewed submersible is used for expeditions to explore the wreck site of the RMS Titanic. OceanGate Inc. carried out a survey of the wreck of the Titanic to document its decay, repeatedly diving their new...
Multi-Beam Echo Sounder for Underwater Rock Art
Survey Equipment

Unique Group Provides Multi-beam Echo Sounder for Searching Underwater Rock Art in Australia  

Summary of the Project   Unique Group successfully supported a University of Western Australia (UWA) research team by providing them with a Norbit multibeam echo sounder to perform multibeam survey to discover submerged indigenous engraved rock art in Murujuga (Dampier Archipelago) in the NW of Western Australia. This region is very prospective for Indigenous underwater archaeology...
Uni-Pact USV's Australian Bathymetry Survey
Unmanned Surface Vessels

Uni-Pact USV completes bathymetry survey in Australia

Unique Group successfully supported the Australian Institute of Marine Science, in completing a carbon-conscious bathymetric survey at Cape Ferguson to perform seabed modelling for their upcoming project, using our proprietary unmanned surface vessel (USV), Uni-Pact.
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