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Safe, efficient and dependable cable laying solutions from Unique Group’s Seaflex product line

Unique Group’s cable laying solutions are immensely robust, highly dependable and practical for deployment and utilisation in subsea and offshore operations. Our Seaflex product line has been helping contractors work more safely, efficiently and profitably since 1987.

Unique Group’s cable laying products include Dual Boom Floats and SeaSerpent for Cable Laying.

Our SeaSerpent from the Seaflex product line is a cable installation buoyancy system that promises safety, efficiency and flexibility by becoming the industry’s system of choice for installing cables in shallow water. A continuous inflatable tube directly attached to the cable at 1
to 1.2 metre spacing intervals to suit the cable weight.

Seaflex Dual Boom Floats are a range of cable floats designed for occasions when project parameters or vessel limitations require that the most efficient way to install buoyancy onto the cable would be to fit individual units from a workboat once the cable has exited the stern of the barge. Dual BoomTM range of cable floats offers up to 600 kg in buoyancy.

Why choose Unique Group’s Cable Laying Solutions from the Seaflex product line?

Durable & Guaranteed High-Quality

Our cable laying bags are made from a high-performance structural fabric canopy. All Seaflex buoyancy bags are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure full compliance.

Fully and Universally Compliant

We deliver your Dual Boom Floats and SeaSerpent cable laying solution in an enclosed crate and ready for immediate use with universally compliant documentation. All Seaflex buoyancy bags are fully compliant with IMCA D-016 and with ABS PDA.

Tested and Proven

As with all of our products, our cable laying bags are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they meet and exceed international industry standards.


Designed to provide maximum amount of lift for the least overall height with 5:1 minimum safety factor. The bags’ wide hem aids swifter emptying of the bag on emergency inversion. Our buoyancy bags remain inherently stable, regardless of load orientation or trim, due to its single attachment point.


Unique Group’s Seaflex bags take up very little space storage relative to their lift capacity.

Discover other buoyancy products

Contact Unique Group’s Seaflex today to discuss our range of cable laying bags. We are sure you will find a solution for your entire subsea salvage operations. However, if you require something more bespoke, our highly skilled team can also provide tailored buoyancy bags to cover any specific requirements our customers may have.