UG: SeaSerpent for Cable Laying
UG: SeaSerpent for Cable Laying
Buoyancy + Water Weights

UG: SeaSerpent for Cable Laying

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Unique Group’s Seaflex product line offers SeaSerpent for Cable Laying. It is a cable installation buoyancy system that promises safety, efficiency and flexibility by becoming the industry’s system of choice for installing cables in shallow water. A continuous inflatable tube directly attached to the cable at 1 to 1.2 metre spacing intervals to suit the cable weight.


Tested and proven to greater than 3:1 over maximum working pressure.

Supports cable fully and gently, with reduced risk of kinking

No stress point loads.

50% reserve buoyancy factor at maximum working depth

No need for excessive cable tension

Compact and therefore cost-effective to ship, store and deploy


Lift capacities from 40-170 kg/m

Type 3000-4-13: 355 mm Lay Flat Width, 226 mm Inflated OD, 40 kg/m Buoyancy, 43 kg Weight 50 m section

Type 3000-3-10:480 mm Lay Flat Width, 306 mm Inflated OD, 74 kg/m Buoyancy, 54 kg Weight 50m section

Type 3000-2-7: 730 mm Lay Flat Width, 465 mm Inflated OD, 170 kg/m Buoyancy, 76 kg Weight 50 m section


Installs cables in shallow waters.

Easily assists to lift and reposition a cable to hit a trench.

Sections of cable can also be easily towed to installation sites several kilometres from the launch point.

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