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We have a wide range of subsea equipment across all our solutions that are available for sale. These brand-new products provide you with the convenience and flexibility you look for in your projects. Take advantage of this opportunity to fulfill your project requirements and ensure you get the best quality equipment that ensures high-performance and safety.

Some of our in-demand subsea equipment for sale are below (including but not limited to):

  1. UG: Uni-Pact – Uni-Pact has been developed to complement larger survey vessels used for survey and support tasks where a smaller vehicle is better suited to missions, offering efficient bathymetry from an unmanned platform. 
  2. UG: Uni-Max – Unique Group’s Uni-Max, previously called Uni-Cat, operates autonomously on water surfaces where conventional methods are not ideal and helps avoid mobilising a vessel of opportunity.
  3. UG: Proof Load Testing Bags – They are widely recognised as the most practical and safest load test solution worldwide. The bags are the most effective way to load test cranes, davits, derricks, winches, etc.
  4. UG: SeaSerpent for Cable Laying – It is a cable installation buoyancy system that promises safety, efficiency, and flexibility by becoming the industry’s system of choice for installing cables in shallow water.
  5. UG TDC 1100/55: Transport Chamber: Transport Chamber helps transport an injured diver and an attendant from an offshore location to an onshore medical facility. The transport chamber has minimal risks involved and is built according to the latest certified design codes for better efficiency.

Please note that availability may vary, and these products are subject to stock availability. Ensure to check the specific terms and conditions of the sale for each product to make an informed purchase decision.

There are several benefits of having availability products on sale:

  1. Cost Saving: The primary benefit of sales is that they allow you to save money. Discounted prices provide an opportunity to purchase desired products at lower costs. This can be particularly beneficial for budget-conscious individuals.
  2. Increased Affordability: Sale products are more accessible and affordable to a wider range of users. By reducing prices, it helps bridge the gap between the original cost of the product and what companies are willing to pay.
  3. Building Relationships: It strengthens relationships with existing clients by offering exclusive deals or discounted prices. This fosters trust, loyalty, and long-term partnership, as clients appreciate the opportunity to save money while receiving quality products or services. 
  4. Opportunity to Test and Evaluate: Products on sale can provide clients with an opportunity to test and evaluate products or services they have been considering. The availability of products on sale allows for a lower-risk investment, enabling clients to assess the suitability and effectiveness of the offering for their specific needs.
  5. Competitive Advantage: Clients can gain a competitive advantage; lower prices allow them to secure products or services at a better value compared to their competitors. 

The availability of subsea equipment on sale offers numerous benefits that cater to your needs. Visit our website or contact our customer service team to explore our extensive inventory and discover how it can benefit you. Hurry, start saving and enhancing your experience with Unique Group!