UG: Uni-Max (Previously called Uni-Cat)
UG: Uni-Max (Previously called Uni-Cat)
Unmanned Surface Vessels

UG: Uni-Max (Previously called Uni-Cat)

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Unique Group’s Uni-Max, previously called Uni-Cat, operates autonomously on water surfaces where conventional methods are not ideal and helps avoid mobilising a vessel of opportunity. With capabilities like real-time positioning, remote data acquisition and bathymetry, the Uni-Cat functions autonomously on water surfaces where traditional methods are not ideal. It helps in avoiding mobilising a vessel of opportunity with the highly accurate 2.4 GHz Antenna and GPS.


Easy to mobilise and operate

Manual control and mission planning available

Customisable payload

Ideal for shallow waters




Embedded autopilot system: M.A.P Pro

Survey speed: 3-4 Kts

Speed range: 0-7 Kts

The dimensions of the products include 4.8m length, 2.5m beam, 0.4m draft and overall weight of 550 kgs

The propulsion system includes 2 x 24 VDC electric engines

The data telemetry has dual frequency of 2.4 and 5 GHz


Search and recovery

Hydrographic survey

Inspection survey

Oceanography and monitoring

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