Seafloor Systems: Echoboat 160
Seafloor Systems: Echoboat 160
Unmanned Surface Vessels

Seafloor Systems: Echoboat 160


The EchoBoat-160 USV is a purpose-built remote survey platform for hydrographic data collection. With true one-switch startup, the nimble vessel accomplishes the same results demanded of large, crewed boats more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost. The fifth generation EchoBoat-160 integrates professional-grade sensor suites in a compact package to navigate challenging bodies of water by remote control or autonomous wayfinding. Perform hydrographic surveys remotely, safely, and confidently with this meticulously engineered uncrewed surface vessel.


Fully integrated and calibrated USV survey solution

Easy to mobilise and operate

Can be controlled manually or to follow pre-programmed routes that can be updated at any point through an easy PC based GUI

Up to 3 knots of survey speed



Length: 1.7 m (10’)

Weight in air : payload dependent, up to 77.5 kg

Max Survey Speed: 3 knots

Battery life – payload dependent up to 8 hours

Remote range: Up to 2 km



Hydrographic Survey

Inland waterways

Survey of freshwater reservoirs where use of petrol and diesel engines is to be avoided.


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