Seafloor Systems Echoboat 160



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Explore the Seafloor Systems Echoboat 160 and Revolutionize Unmanned Surveying

At Unique Group, we proudly offer a diverse range of unmanned survey vessels that revolutionize underwater surveying and mapping. Explore our exceptional selection, with a special highlight on the Seafloor Systems Echoboat 160, an advanced and versatile unmanned survey vessel that redefines efficiency and accuracy in marine data acquisition.

The EchoBoat-160 USV is a purpose-built remote survey platform for hydrographic data collection. With true one-switch startup, the nimble vessel accomplishes the same results demanded of large, crewed boats more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost. Like its renowned predecessors, the fifth generation EchoBoat-160 integrates professional-grade sensor suites in a compact package to navigate challenging bodies of water by remote control or autonomous wayfinding. Perform hydrographic surveys remotely, safely, and confidently with this meticulously engineered uncrewed surface vessel.

With an integrated INS and a sound velocity sensor, the Seafloor SeaRay is a multibeam echosounder developed for use on small USV’s. With a swath coverage of up to 130 degrees, 256 receive beams of 1.45 x 1 degree beam width, the SeaRAY is a very capable survey tool in a small package.

Discovering about the Seafloor Systems Echoboat 160

Powered by state-of-the-art sonar systems and precise positioning capabilities, the Echoboat 160 captures high-resolution bathymetric and hydrographic data with exceptional accuracy. It operates autonomously, eliminating the need for human presence on the vessel during survey missions, resulting in cost savings and enhanced safety.

It is also capable of conducting various survey tasks, including bathymetry, seafloor mapping, pipeline inspection, and environmental monitoring. Its adaptability makes it suitable for industries such as offshore exploration, hydrographic surveying, and environmental research.

Deploying and transporting the Echoboat 160 is easy due to its compact size and lightweight construction. It can be quickly mobilized, making it suitable for both nearshore and offshore operations. The vessel offers remote monitoring and control capabilities, allowing operators to oversee survey missions in real-time from a control centre or support vessel.

With its efficient data acquisition capabilities, the Echoboat 160 rapidly collects and processes large volumes of data, providing valuable insights for decision-making and project planning. The vessel can be customized to meet specific project requirements, including payload integration, sensor compatibility, and communication systems.

Perks of Seafloor Systems Echoboat 160 

  • Bathymetry and Seafloor Mapping: The Echoboat 160 excels in capturing accurate and detailed bathymetric data, enabling precise seafloor mapping for various purposes such as charting, navigation, and marine resource exploration.
  • Pipeline Inspection: With its advanced sonar systems, the Echoboat 160 is well-suited for inspecting underwater pipelines, identifying potential issues, and ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructure.
  • Environmental Monitoring: The vessel can be used for environmental monitoring and research, including assessing marine habitats, monitoring marine life populations, and studying underwater ecosystems.
  • Hydrographic Surveying: The Echoboat 160 enables efficient hydrographic surveying, collecting data on water depth, shoreline features, and submerged structures to support coastal engineering projects and marine construction.

Discover the endless possibilities and benefits that the Seafloor Systems Echoboat 160 can bring to your marine surveying operations. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety in underwater data acquisition. If you have any questions or need assistance, our knowledgeable team is here to support you. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and embark on a new era of unmanned surveying with Unique Group.