Amron 3130: Bunk Box
Amron 3130: Bunk Box
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Amron 3130: Bunk Box

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Unique Group offers Amron Bunk Box 3130. It provides a soft and relaxing sound for the harsh acoustics of a decompression chamber. The housing is aluminium with an epoxy powder coat, stainless steel grill and aluminium back mounting bracket.


Provides a gentle and relaxing sound.

Aluminium made housing with an epoxy powder coat finish.

Offers stainless steel grill.

Offers a back mounting bracket made of metal.

Input connection is ½” conduit with strain relief.


Width: 229mm

Depth: 102mm

Height: 229mm

Acoustic Output Power: 12 Watts, 8 Ohm


Used for commercial diving chamber communications

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