Amron: Twin-Lock Chamber Communicator
Amron: Twin-Lock Chamber Communicator
Diving + Life Support

Amron: Twin-Lock Chamber Communicator


Unique Group offers the Twin Lock Chamber Communicator from Amron International. The most unique feature of these versatile and powerful Rack Mount Communicators is the design of separate channels and volume controls for each diver and tender, both for the up-link and the down-link paths. These communicators come standard with rear mounted MS connector, providing connections to diver and tender inputs and outputs.


Fully featured hard-wire, two-lock communicator system.

The AMCOM™ II has independent channels and volume controls (operator, inner lock, and outer lock), as well as separate on/off controls for each lock.

Built-in Internal Charger and Battery Back-up.

Panel Microphone allows for improved communications to divers.

Two Modes of Operation – 2-Wire Mode and/or 4-Wire Mode.


Input Impedance (Each Input): 250 Ohms

Frequency Response: 300 – 10000 Hz

Common Mode Rejection: 40 dB Minimum

Current Drain Maximum Full Volume: 3 Amps

Minimum Quiescent: 0.190 Amps


Designed to be used in air chambers where oxygen concentrations remain below 23.5%.

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