UG: Open Top Floor Test Bag
UG: Open Top Floor Test Bag
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UG: Open Top Floor Test Bag

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Unique Group offers an Open Top Floor Test Bag, a robust, flexible and self-supporting fluid storage system. Built with PVC, They can be used to apply extremely large loads in a safe manner. It comes with an inflation collar to work like a flat-bottom pool to distribute loads uniformly.


Advantages over traditional solid weights include ease of handling and positioning on site and very low carriage costs.

By using our simple manifold arrangement several units can be filled simultaneously.

Gradual application of load under test conditions is essential.


Load test capacities up to 100 tonnes

Increased efficiency with strong handling capabilities

Load is measured by means of a calibrated flowmeter to get an accuracy of +/-2% or better


Ideal for structural integrity testing in buildings, bridges, elevators, loading ramps, gangways and decks. Roll-on, roll-off ferry ramps have been tested ranging from 70 to 700 tonnes

Ballasting arrangements for ship’s conversions up to 300 tonnes.

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