UG: Deck / Floor Testing
UG: Deck / Floor Testing
Buoyancy + Water Weights

UG: Deck / Floor Testing

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Structural integrity of buildings, bridges, elevators, loading ramps, gangways, accommodation, ladders and decks can be easily verified through our wide range of flexidams and flexitainers. Our bags enable controlled and gradual application of the load, which is crucial for structures that are being loaded.


Flowmeter accuracy of 2% or better

Simple manifold arrangement so several units can be filled simultaneously

Skin material : PVC coated, Woven Polyester Fibr


Tolerance : ±3% of capacity

Filling connection MB type : Male 1” Camlock

Filling connection FT type : Male 2” Camlock

Fitted with : Anchor tabs, Pressure relief valve



Ramps & Gangways

Floor & Platform

Construction Hoists

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