Crane Load Testing



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No other choice in crane load testing other than Unique Group’s Water Weights product line.

With a range of bags designed to test everything from cranes to bridges, we have the solution for every load testing challenge. Unique Group’s Water Weights product line continues to change the world of load testing since its inception in the 1980s.

When you need a durable, reliable, and safe solution for your crane load test tasks, there aren’t many better choices than Unique Group’s Water Weights.

Our complete range of crane load testing solutions include Water Weights proof load testing bags, deck/floor testing bags, davit load testing bags, Britlift spreader beams and its services, JCM load measuring products and services, load cell calibration products and more.

With a vast number of highly experienced professionals and an enviable proven track record of consistently high performing products, Unique Group’s Water Weights is the very best choice for lifting and testing projects. Our global team of experienced engineers are capable of undertaking any crane load testing project safely, efficiently and economically.

When you choose Unique Group’s crane load testing products and solutions, you can expect:

It’s at the core of our design and our process, and we ensure we are fully compliant with LEEA 051 guidelines, and our bags are also carrying ABS Product Design Approval up to 35t.

We put great focus on ensuring that our crane load testing equipment maintains the same levels of high-performance time after time.

Our teams and solutions are focused on helping you save both time and money.

Get in touch with us today to discuss our selection of crane load testing equipment and services. Our range is extensive so you’re sure to find a solution that can cater for your crane and other structural load testing needs. In the event that you require a more tailored solution, we can also provide more bespoke test weights.