UG: Large Digit Displays
UG: Large Digit Displays
Buoyancy + Water Weights

UG: Large Digit Displays

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Unique Group offers Large Digit Display which are bright, and built to work with the standard and customised load measuring systems. To synchronise the numbers, more monitors can be joined together.


RS232, RS485 or 20 mA Protocol

24 VAC or DC Power Input

5.5-inch (14cm) Height

125 ft Viewing Distance in Normal Light

Aluminium Case with Plexiglas Faceplate

-20°C to 60° C (-4° to 140° F) Operating Temperature

Unit Weight is 5.25 Pounds (2.4 kg)


Number of Digits: 4 or 6

Digit Height: 57 mm

Brightness: Variable

Number of Inputs: 4

Signal Gain: Suitable for 0.5 mV / V to 4 mV / V load cells

A/D converter: 20-bit resolution

Accuracy: ± 0.05% of range

Serial Data Types: RS232 or RS485


Can be used for all indoor and outdoor display purposes

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