UG: Water weights for Davit Testing
UG: Water weights for Davit Testing
Buoyancy + Water Weights

UG: Water weights for Davit Testing

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For static and dynamic davit testing, Unique Group provides water filled proof load bags from our Water Weights product line. Water weights allow gradual filling so you can spot potential problems prior to the proof load condition. Water provides 98% of the weight at full load – so empty bags are light and easy to handle, transport and store.


Most cost-effective method of load testing.

Provided with a comprehensive range of bags.

The bag’s slightly wider body allows for a shorter design, resulting in a greater test load within less height.

Simple, safe, and adaptable, and can be deployed practically anywhere – indoors and outdoors,onshore and offshore.


Water filled proof load bags are available up to 110t capacity.

These are shaped like raindrops, which is the most natural shape for a flexible water container.

The Low Headroom range includes several types ranging from 1.0 to 12.5 metric tonnes.

Built to the highest standards, the equipment has a physically proven safety factor in excess of 6:1.


Used across all industries for load testing of cranes, davits, derricks, winches, and almost any other lifting or load-bearing structure

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