UG: Wedge Socket Load System
UG: Wedge Socket Load System
Buoyancy + Water Weights

UG: Wedge Socket Load System

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Unique Group offers the wedge socket load system which is a perfect replacement for the standard wire rope dead-end. It requires no modification to the existing wire rope reeving of the crane, these systems are easy to install and provide clients with maximum flexibility of choice.


Allows for the real-time monitoring of crane loads through its radio telemetry system.

Designed to fit all sizes of crane in the range of 10 tonne through to 160 tonne.

Available in both cabled and radio telemetry versions, these systems give users maximum flexibility in choice.

Small and compact design allows for easy installation, with no loss of headroom or functionality to the crane.


Full load output :1.0 nom

Zero load output: <±0.004

Excitation (max): IO (15)

Accuracy: <0.5

Repeatability :<0.10

Input resistance: 375

Output resistance: 350


Can be customised to fit in any crane and can be equipped with either radio telemetry or a cabled setup.

Used for load testing in marine applications for merchant vessels.

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