UG: Line Tension Meters (Line Riders)
UG: Line Tension Meters (Line Riders)
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UG: Line Tension Meters (Line Riders)

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Unique Group offers the versatile line riders which are employed in a number of applications since they can measure load, distance, and direction while also logging data. The equipment is chosen depending on wire rope size and can be used in both non-hazardous and designated areas.


Offers hazardous area rated systems

Winch balancing and display software

Rugged and robust instrument design with 150% factor of safety

Built-in alarms and controller systems


User interface options include analog or digital local interfaces

Offers analog, digital and video display types

Includes output options including analog voltage, analog current and switch or alarm signals


Used for measuring wire tension in static or running lines

Used in testing of towers, wire pulling for utilities and marine running lines

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