UG: Draught Reduction Buoyancy
UG: Draught Reduction Buoyancy
Buoyancy + Water Weights

UG: Draught Reduction Buoyancy

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The use of Unique Group’sbuoyancy bags our Seaflex product line in the field of draught reduction projects is often linked to dry-docking scenarios. The drydock itself can have a lip that may potentially foul the underside of the vessel on the way in and/or out unless additional buoyancy is applied to ensure sufficient clearance.


Fully compliant with IMCA D-016 guidance, and type-tested to prove a minimum 5:1 factor of safety.

Flat-packed for efficient and cost-effective transport and storage.

Weighing less than 1% of its uplift capacity: e.g. 5t unit less than 50kg.

Quick to rig, and easy to vent for ultra-safe recovery.

Immediately available for rental or purchase from the world’s largest stock of such equipment.

If rented, then subject to the highest testing and re-certification standards in the industry.


36No. 35t ALB Units = 1260t of Lift and 7No. 20t IBU Units = 140t of Lift: Total Lift Generated = 1400t

70No. 5t IBU Units = 350t of Lift, 30No. 10t IBU Units = 300t of Lift, 30No. 20t IBU Units = 600t of Lift: Total Lift Generated = 1250t


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