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High-quality Surface Diving Equipment for Commercial Diving Operations from Unique Group

Unique Group designs and manufactures a complete range of surface diving equipment essential for commercial diving operations. Our surface diving equipment includes commercial diving chambers, containerized diving systems, launch and recovery systems, light diving boats, and winches. Some of our most-sought products in the inventory of surface diving equipment include EMCE MR FL Series: Offshore Man-Rider Winch, EMCE OAW/OMR Series: Offshore Air Driven Winch, UG A1500/100: Commercial Diving Chamber, UG A1800/100: Commercial Diving Chamber, UG ABS 2 CON: Air Dive System, UG HYDRACraft 1400: Diving Daughtercraft, UG LR100 A2: 2 Diver Wetbell System, and more.

All our surface diving equipment is designed according to the highest industry standards, ensuring safety and reliability for commercial diving operations. Several reasons make us the best in the industry for surface diving solutions, and some of them are listed as follows:

  • Industry compliant: The surface diving equipment is designed to comply with the requirement of EC machinery directives. They can be designed according to the industry standards issued by the classification bodies, and they meet and exceed all the regulations for personal lifting operations for different offshore installations.
  • Extensive industry applications: Our equipment can be used in an extensive range of industry applications, including diver launch and recovery during a commercial diving operation. They can be used to perform different diving operations in locations inaccessible by larger DSVs and underwater weld inspections, and offshore diving operations, including nitrox, air, or mixed gas diving.  
  • Competitive price point: All our surface diving equipment has a relatively reasonable price point.

At Unique Group, we are committed to providing the best possible equipment and support to ensure the safety and success of our customers’ diving operations. Need more information about our surface diving solutions or want to get a quote? Visit our website or contact us now!