UG HYDRACraft 1500: Diving Daughtercraft
UG HYDRACraft 1500: Diving Daughtercraft
Diving + Life Support

UG HYDRACraft 1500: Diving Daughtercraft

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Unique Group offers the HYDRACraft 1500 which is a 15 metre long aluminium diving daughtercraft system with a V-bottom hull shape for stability during a stationary diving operation. The vessel is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the client’s diving operations as well as governmental bodies such as IMCA.


Equipped with 2 high performance diesel engines, driving highly manoeuvrable waterjet aft drives achieving a speed of 20 knots.

Fully air-conditioned deckhouse providing an uninterrupted panoramic view.

Deckhouse is fitted with 9 seats for diving personnel, 1 seat for the coxswain, and a dive control console for 3-diver operation, a toilet and a kitchenette.

Deployed off a mother vessel via a dedicated launch and recovery davit.

A 350kg A-frame davit fitted to the aft of the vessel used to recover injured divers.


Length 15m, weight 11.5t.

Max. Operational conditions: Launch and recover

in sea state 5.

Launch Configuration: Side Launching.

Boat Speed: 12-20 knots.

Range: 75 nm. Operationally less than 45min from

Mother Vessel.


Performing of diving operations in locations that are not accessible by larger DSVs.

Underwater weld inspections.

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