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UG SL 3.1 DCON: 1500 Chamber & Dive Control Container

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The SL 3.1 features a compact design by incorporating a 1500 deck decompression chamber and dive control with a partitioned area into a 20ft container. The partitioned space can be used as either a gas bank or an umbilical storage area, with a stand-by diver seat.


It is a twenty-foot container which can be converted into two different layouts either as a stand-alone dive control area or gas bank coupled with a decompression chamber on a partitioned area.

The dive control could be fitted out for air, nitrox or mixed gas diving. The dive control / DDC area is air conditioned.


Size: 20 feet.

Fully insulated and air-conditioned dive control and DDC.

IMCA D023 & D018 compliant certification package.


Offshore diving operations including air, nitrox or mixed gas diving

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