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UG SL 3.6 MCON: Machinery Container

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Unique Group offers the SL 3.6 machinery container which comes in multiple configurations to suit client requirements. The container is partitioned into two areas. The larger area accommodates the machinery with the other area fitted out as a workshop and general storage room or as a HP gas storage area.


Customizable to suit clients requirements.

The machinery area includes two HP compressors and an LP compressor or an HP compressor with diver heaters.

Additional option to include subsea tools HPU and a 12 cylinder gas bank in a handling frame.

Comes with fire safety options including a fire extinguisher.

Also offers an air filtration facility.


Hydraulic tools HPU integrated into machinery space.

Secondary portable HP compressor integrated into machinery space.

IMCA D023 & D018 compliant certification package.


Offshore diving operations including air, nitrox or mixed gas diving

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