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UG SL 3.4 DCON: 1800 Chamber and Air Bank Container

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Unique Group’s SL 3.4 DCON container houses the larger 1800 Chamber along with the supporting 16 cylinder air bank inside the air-conditioned container. The DDC operator controls the chamber from an ergonomically focused control panel which includes CCTV monitors, analysers, communication devices and gauges.


Ergonomically designed control panel that includes CCTV monitors, analysers, communication devices, and gauges.

Ultimate combination of comfort, functionality, and safety.


2 mm thick HYDE stainless steel door

16 cylinder gas banks in a galvanised handling frame

Fully insulated and air-conditioned dive control and DDC

IMCA D023 & D018 compliant certification package.


Offshore diving operations including air, nitrox or mixed gas diving

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