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UG SL 3.3 DCON: 1500 Chamber & HP Air Storage

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The SL 3.3 layout features a 1500 deck decompression chamber and an HP air storage area which is separated by a partitioned wall with an access door.


Partitioned wall with an access door to separate the 1500 DDC and HP storage area.

The HP storage area includes 2 x 12 cylinder gas banks in a galvanised handling frame with a high-capacity HP compressor.

Ultimate combination of comfort, functionality, and safety.

The bench is levelled throughout the chamber and can include a decompression table or a revolving bed for easy access to both the face and back.


2 mm thick HYDE stainless steel door

2 x 12 cylinder gas banks in a galvanised handling frame

Fully insulated and air-conditioned dive control and DDC

IMCA D023 & D018 compliant certification package.


Offshore diving operations including air, nitrox or mixed gas diving

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