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UG LR100 A2: 2 Diver Wetbell System

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Unique Group offers the LR100 A2, a 2 Diver Wetbell System. A purpose-built wet-bell deployment unit with a combined divers control room, umbilical storage, and management all in one ISO container footprint.


Includes a combined divers control room and umbilical storage – all in one ISO container footprint.

Provides launch and recovery A-frame.

Innovative system designed to meet all the requirements of offshore diving operations.

Can be deployed on any type of vessel, is easy to service, and requires minimum maintenance.

Comes complete with all the equipment required for safe diving operations.


L: ± 6030mm, W: ± 2500mm, H: ± 4600mm

Ascent Rate Divers: 18m/min

Ascent Rate Guide: 36m/min

Divers’ Winch: 1950kg

Guide Wire Winch: 1300kg


Diver launch and recovery during a commercial diving operation

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