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Innovative Launch and Recovery Systems from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a complete portfolio of high-quality launch and recovery systems that are useful during commercial diving operations. We are committed to delivering world-class surface diving equipment to customers at competitive prices. Our core aim is to equip divers of all experience levels with the right diving life support systems to successfully explore the seas and oceans. 

Under the category of launch and recovery equipment, our main products include 2-diver wetbell systems, 3-diver wetbell systems, 2-diver twin basket air LARS, 2-diver open cage LARS, and more. The 2-diver wetbell system is a purpose-built deployment unit that comes with umbilical storage, divers control rooms, and management, all in one ISO container footprint. The 3-diver wetbell system is suitable for distant operations and can support up to 3 divers. The 2-diver open cage LARS comes with a footprint that enables it to be easily shipped in a standard container anywhere around the globe.

Still, wondering why to choose the launch and recovery systems of Unique Group? Consider the benefits listed below.

  • Innovative Design: The 2-diver wetbell system comes with an innovative design that meets all the needs of offshore diving operations.
  • Easy Deployment: The 2-diver wetbell system can be easily deployed on any kind of vessel. It comes with all the equipment that is essential for safe diving operations.
  • Minimum Maintenance: Our products are easy to service and maintain. We focus on lowering your maintenance costs significantly.
  • Robust: The launch and recovery systems are made up of superior marine-grade materials that make them ideal for heavy usage in different marine conditions.

Need a quote or want more information about the launch and recovery systems of Unique Group? Connect with our launch and recovery specialists right away and get detailed information to make the right selection of equipment.