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UG LR100 A3: 3 Diver Wetbell System

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Unique Group LR100 A3 is a Double Diver Wet Bell Launch and Recovery A-Frame designed for distant operations with up to three divers. The skid and A-frame are made with a strong marine-grade paint system to withstand heavy usage in severe marine conditions.


Has 3-diver wet bell launch and recovery A-frame.

The winch and hydraulic package includes a 2.7-ton divers’ winch with 110m of wire rope and a 1.5-ton (3-ton double-reeved) guide wire winch with 220m of wire rope.

Two independent hydraulic power packs are mounted under the winch skid, providing main and standby power requirements for the system.

The L&R comes with a comprehensive documentation bundle.

Includes everything needed to pass an IMCA or ADC audit the first time.


L: ± 6030mm, W: ± 2400mm, H: ± 4300mm

Ascent Rate Divers: 18m/min

Ascent Rate Guide: 36m/min

Divers’ Winch: 3000kg

Guide Wire Winch: 1500kg


Diver launch and recovery during a commercial diving operation

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