UG: Man Rider Winch (7.5T/12T)
UG: Man Rider Winch (7.5T/12T)
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UG: Man Rider Winch (7.5T/12T)

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Unique Group offers the 7.5T/12T Man Rider Winch. This system is shaft mounted, multi-disc, dynamic hydraulic over-center valve and a painted steel constructed frame. The system is designed to handle halyards, sheets, and mooring lines.


Approved by DNV, ABS,LR DND and classification societies.

Spooling devices are optional.

7.5T/12T consists of a hydraulic drive system, shaft mounted, multi-disc, fail-safe brake, and dynamic hydraulic over-center valve.

Composed of Marine-Grade Primer and High Gloss Topcoat.


Available in 7.5T and 12T lifting capability

7.5T Lifting Speed: Typically up to 15m/min

7.5T Max Drum Wire Capacity: 700m of 24mm dia. non-spin wire rope (5 layers)

12T Lifting Speed: Typically up to 15m/min

12T Max Drum Wire Capacity: 350m of 36mm dia. non-spin wire rope (5 layers)


Handling of halyards, anchoring, and mooring lines

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