Offshore Dual Drive Man-rider Winches



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Top-Notch Offshore Dual Drive Man-Rider Winches from Unique Group

Unique Group designs and manufactures reliable offshore dual drive man-rider winches for various heavy-duty offshore applications. We know that there is endless curiosity about the oceans and seas. Our core aim is to provide the best diving life support systems to divers who have a spirit of exploration and want to discover the mysteries of the underwater world. All our surface diving equipment has been developed with attention to the strictest standards of safety and quality.

Under the offshore dual drive man-rider winches category, our main products include UG: Man Rider Winch (6T/ 10T) and UG: Man Rider Winch (7.5T/ 12T). The man rider winches come with a hydraulic drive system, dynamic hydraulic over-center valve, and multi-disc, shaft-mounted, fail-safe brake. The equipment can anchor ships and handle mooring lines and halyards in an efficient and better way. They are suitable for heavy-duty offshore use. 

The offshore dual drive man-rider winches of Unique Group are the best for a reason. Wondering why? Consider the reasons listed below.

  • Superior Quality: The winches are made up of high-quality steel. They are painted with marine-grade premier and high-gloss topcoats. 
  • Different Lifting Capabilities: Our winches are available in a wide range of lifting capabilities. Based on your requirements, you can opt for 6T, 10T, 7.5T, and 12T capabilities.
  • Affordable: We provide all our products at competitive prices. The main goal is to make diving equipment easily accessible to professional divers.
  • Customer Support: We have a team of dedicated and experienced winch specialists who are committed to assisting and helping customers. They can answer all the queries of the customers, understand their specific requirements, and enable them to select the best equipment.

Need a quote or want more information about our winches? Get in touch with our experienced engineers and gain detailed information.