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High-Quality Saturation Diving Equipment and Supplies from Unique Group

Unique Group designs and manufactures industry’s best saturation diving equipment and systems using state-of-the-art technology. Our saturation diving solutions include many products ranging from bell equipment and divers heaters to environmental controls, gas management, and saturation diving systems. Some of our most-sought products in the saturation diving equipment inventory include Gardner Denver: Gas Transfer Compressor Container (10 ft), UG 300 HDS 15: Single Bell Modular DSV, UG 300 HDS 18: Twin Bell DSV, UG 300HRF 2L-12: 12-man Hyperbaric Reception Facility, UG 300HRF 3L-24: 24-man Triple-lock Hyperbaric Reception Facility, UG 501: Bell Heater, UG ABS 300HFS-06: Compact 6-man SAT System with 18-man HRF, UG ABS 300HFS-09: 9-man SAT System, UG CH180-36: Chiller Heater Master System, and more.

Below are the benefits and features of our saturation diving equipment:

  • Durable built: At Unique Group, quality is our first and foremost concern for the safety of divers underwater, which is why we build durable and safe saturation diving equipment according to industry standards.
  • Customizable: You can find a comprehensive range of products in our inventory for your personalized diving requirements. All you need to do is reach out to our team of engineers and diving specialists, and they can help you find saturation diving equipment according to your preferences.
  • Industry-wide applications: Our saturation diving equipment is used in gas management for different commercial diving operations in the subsea. In addition, they are also ideal for offshore hyperbaric applications, and products like chiller heater master plants can serve as a master hot and cold water system for saturation diving systems’ different regen units.  

Whether you are conducting deep-sea exploration, pipeline installation, or maintenance, our saturation diving equipment can be an exceptional choice. Want more info about our saturation diving equipment? Contact us now!