UG 501: Bell Heater
UG 501: Bell Heater
Diving + Life Support

UG 501: Bell Heater


Unique Group offers the Hydra 501 bell heater which is a cost-effective and reliable solution for bell heating and cooling.


Built with materials resistant to high temperatures

Suitable for the heat treatment type performed

Offers cooling cover, which allows rapid cooling after annealing process

Treatments with these furnaces can be carried out on a wide range of materials

Safe and economic method of heat treatment

Offers easier treatment times


Operating Depth: up to 300 msw

Gas Flow: 420 Ltr/min (actual)

Heating Capacity: 2.5kW

Power Requirements: 12/24VDC (current draw =

1 Amp at surface)

Electrical Connector: MCIL3F


Heat treatment applications such as cementation, carbonitriding, quenching, annealing and normalisation

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